As the child accumulates "tokens," they can redeem rewards that you, the parent, set.

Tokens earned through good behavior and responsible actions can be redeemed here for Rewards. Once redeemed, the Reward amount is subtracted from their account, and a Certificate is emailed to them (or you as the Parent). You have 7930 Tokens saved and available to redeem from the rewards below. To add/edit/delete a Reward, click the Manage Rewards tab.

Add Tokens Easily to your child's TokenEconomy

Change the patterns of poor behavior by reminding your child of the expectations for earning tokens.

Below is your TokenEconomy main page. Here, you can award tokens to your account when earned. Make sure that you click "Save this Day's Tokens" after they are selected. If there is something special about a particular responsibility, click the yellow notepad and mark the event.

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