Benefits of a Token Economy

A Token Economy System

While TokenEconomy is the name of this company and our service, psychologists have used the concept of a "token economy" for many years. They are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and emphasize the use of positive reinforcement to target behavior change. Token economies help children to visualize progress, accept and work for delayed reinforcement, learn to self‐monitor, and learn to regulate behavior.

What is the purpose of a Token Economy?

The primary goal of a token economy is to increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior. Often token economies are used in institutional settings (such as psychiatric hospitals or correctional facilities) to manage the behavior of individuals who may be aggressive or unpredictable. However, the larger goal of token economies is to teach appropriate behavior and social skills that can be used in one's natural environment. Special education (for children with developmental or learning disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit, or behavioral disorders), regular education, colleges, various types of group homes, military divisions, nursing homes, addiction treatment programs, occupational settings, family homes (for marital or parenting difficulties), and hospitals may also use token economies. Token economies can be used individually or in groups.

How does a Token Economy System help?

Your child learns to wait for rewards by providing a visual (and now virtual) reminder of how much more they need to accomplish before getting a favorite item or activity. Children become more aware of time by showing how long they have been at a task and how much longer they may need to "work." It can also help motivate your child to be successful in many tasks because it eventually leads to a greater reward.