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Grandson Has Autism, Gets Teased for Messy Eating

See how a Token Economy Reward System can help with messy eating. Please see the original post on Autism Speaks  

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Evidence-Based Interventions

Here is part of an article from ABAinterventions we thought was interesting.  There are more interventions on the original post located here: Token economies are a very useful group intervention when implemented correctly. One of the key elements to the token economy is to make sure the student is aware of the behavior that […]

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Video Tips on uses of a Token Economy System

Please take a look at this resource. There are many videos from Lisa Gonsalves, a Behavioral Therapist. We found them very useful and we would like to share this as a resource. Here is her bio: Lisa Gonsalves, MA Behavior Therapist Bio In her career in youth development, Lisa Gonsalves, MA, has served youth populations […]

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ADHD Behavior Management

Strategies that work By: Mary Mathew One of the biggest problems parents of children with ADHD face is how to manage their child’s behaviors. Many parents feel stressed when their child acts out at home or in public. Parents are often frustrated when they do not know how to control their children’s behaviors. Children with […]

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Strategies for Teaching Students with ASD

At Autism Partnership we have found the development and implementation of individualized token economy systems to be a powerful tool in accelerating progress for our students. Token economies have been shown to be an extremely effective contingency management system for a variety of populations. Initially, Ted Allyon used token economies to provide consequences to hospitalized […]

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Strategies for Rewarding Good Behavior

The information presented on this page was adapted from the Autism Partnership Program:  Parents and Educators Partnering to Improve Outcomes for Children and Youth with Autism (APP).  To request a complete copy of this curriculum, please visit:     Praise and social rewards may not be very valuable to a child with autism, and […]

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What Is Behavior Modification?

Behavior modification is a therapeutic technique based on the work of B.F. Skinner, a famous psychologist who is known as the “Father of Behaviorism.” Skinner developed a theory of operant conditioning, which states that all behavior is governed by reinforcing and punishing stimuli. Behavior modification uses a scheduled approach that rewards desired behavior and “punishes” […]

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Getting Your ADD/ADHD Child to Behave

These parenting techniques will help defuse potentially explosive situations. by Royce Flippin   Having difficulty getting your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) child to behave? Spend unstructured time together Schedule 15 minutes each day with your child, to do whatever he wants to. Playing together helps repair the parent-child bond and lays the groundwork for positive reinforcement in the future. Praise good […]

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Reinforcement for Children with ADD

Praise Reinforcement is defined as anything that increases the strength of a behavior. If your child does something that pleases you and you praise her for it, she does it again. The more powerful the reinforcer, the more likely the behavior will occur again. People respond to different types of reinforcers; for example, some of […]

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Partner With Your Child’s Special Educator

A version of this article was originally published on Janelle Espling’s blog. – See more at: Since your child has started getting services, you have probably had your fair share of educators come into your life, and sometimes into your home. In Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and IFSP meetings, we often say that […]

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