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ADHD Behavior Management

Strategies that work By: Mary Mathew One of the biggest problems parents of children with ADHD face is how to manage their child’s behaviors. Many parents feel stressed when their child acts out at home or in public. Parents are often frustrated when they do not know how to control their children’s behaviors. Children with […]

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Getting Your ADD/ADHD Child to Behave

These parenting techniques will help defuse potentially explosive situations. by Royce Flippin   Having difficulty getting your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) child to behave? Spend unstructured time together Schedule 15 minutes each day with your child, to do whatever he wants to. Playing together helps repair the parent-child bond and lays the groundwork for positive reinforcement in the future. Praise good […]

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Redirecting Problem Behaviors

Saying “NO” vs. Offering a Positive Alternative: Redirecting Problem Behaviors by Connirae Andreas When a child does something annoying or destructive, it’s easy for parents to get the idea that their children are intentionally trying to be mean, and want to misbehave. Even if this were true, it wouldn’t be a very useful way to think […]

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Strategies for Redirecting Child Behavior

by Kathryn Hatter, Demand Media Training and teaching children is one of the main jobs of parents. As children experiment and learn, they will make mistakes and engage in behaviors that need discouragement from you. An effective way to teach young children the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior is redirection. Redirection focuses on the […]

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