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Evidence-Based Interventions

Here is part of an article from ABAinterventions we thought was interesting.  There are more interventions on the original post located here: http://abainterventions.wikispaces.com/Evidence-Based+Interventions Token economies are a very useful group intervention when implemented correctly. One of the key elements to the token economy is to make sure the student is aware of the behavior that […]

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6 Ways to Discipline Kids without Yelling

Get Your Child to Listen Without Raising Your Voice Most parents yell at their kids at one time or another out of sheer frustration. However, for some parents, yelling can become a bad habit. Unfortunately, yelling is one of the eight discipline strategies that can actually make behavior problems worse. Yelling at kids can cause them […]

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Discipline Kids with Positive and Negative Consequences

Increase Good Behaviors and Decrease Negative Behaviors By Amy Morin The consequences kids receive for their behaviors determines how likely they are to repeat that behavior. This is true for both positive and negative behaviors. Offering positive consequences for good behaviors will encourage children to continue exhibiting that behavior. Providing negative consequences for misbehaviors will discourage […]

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Strategies for Redirecting Child Behavior

by Kathryn Hatter, Demand Media Training and teaching children is one of the main jobs of parents. As children experiment and learn, they will make mistakes and engage in behaviors that need discouragement from you. An effective way to teach young children the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior is redirection. Redirection focuses on the […]

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