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Evidence-Based Interventions

Here is part of an article from ABAinterventions we thought was interesting.  There are more interventions on the original post located here: http://abainterventions.wikispaces.com/Evidence-Based+Interventions Token economies are a very useful group intervention when implemented correctly. One of the key elements to the token economy is to make sure the student is aware of the behavior that […]

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Reinforcement for Children with ADD

Praise Reinforcement is defined as anything that increases the strength of a behavior. If your child does something that pleases you and you praise her for it, she does it again. The more powerful the reinforcer, the more likely the behavior will occur again. People respond to different types of reinforcers; for example, some of […]

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Providing Structure for Your Child: How to Assert Your Parental Authority

What is Structure? When parents provide structure, it means they are asserting and establishing their parental authority and control in a responsible manner in order to encourage healthy growth and development of their children. In this article, we will look at a number of ways parents can provide structure for their children, including structuring their […]

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Redirecting Problem Behaviors

Saying “NO” vs. Offering a Positive Alternative: Redirecting Problem Behaviors by Connirae Andreas When a child does something annoying or destructive, it’s easy for parents to get the idea that their children are intentionally trying to be mean, and want to misbehave. Even if this were true, it wouldn’t be a very useful way to think […]

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