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Reinforcement for Children with ADD

Praise Reinforcement is defined as anything that increases the strength of a behavior. If your child does something that pleases you and you praise her for it, she does it again. The more powerful the reinforcer, the more likely the behavior will occur again. People respond to different types of reinforcers; for example, some of […]

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Why Use Token Economies?

By CPFLAGE on March 15, 2012 There are Many Reasons to use a Token Economy: Promotes Independence and Responsibility (e.g., the student learns to save tokens to purchase larger backup reinforcers (e.g., swimming outing, pizza party), the student learns to plan ahead, backup reinforcer list can contain desired independent skills (e.g., walking down the hall by him/herself) […]

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Redirecting Problem Behaviors

Saying “NO” vs. Offering a Positive Alternative: Redirecting Problem Behaviors by Connirae Andreas When a child does something annoying or destructive, it’s easy for parents to get the idea that their children are intentionally trying to be mean, and want to misbehave. Even if this were true, it wouldn’t be a very useful way to think […]

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