How TokenEconomy Works: Easy Setup

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Create Your Child's TokenEconomy

Setting up an account is very easy. After you create a TokenEconomy account, you will be prompted with a few basic screens. The first step is to add your child's information (Name, Gender and Birthdate). We use their gender and birthdate to provide you with age and gender appropriate recommendations during set up.

Set Up Your Child's Token Economy


Add Responsibilities

Add Responsibilities

TokenEconomy is based upon a child developing good behaviors with respect to certain responsibilities that you set. Chores, homework, reading, exercise, social interactions, are examples of behaviors that should be listed under "Responsibilities." Similar responsibilities are grouped together as Categories. TokenEconomy has developed basic, age-appropriate categories and responsibilities that you can use as a "Starter Set". Or, you can begin with your own if you like.


Organize and Edit

Once your Categories and Responsibilities are created, you can organize and edit them along with their token (point) value. When children perform these responsibilities, they are checked off and tokens are added into their account. As tokens are accumulated, they can be redeemed for Rewards.

Easy to use editing tools will allow you to change the sort order, add/edit or delete entries, change when they appear (everyday, weekday or weekend), and if they are active or disabled from view.

Organize and Edit


Add Rewards

Add Rewards

As your child accumulates tokens earned through good behavior and responsible actions, they may redeem Rewards that they will enjoy and look forward to receiving. Rewards can be in the form of a monetary allowance, a video game, a movie, a treat, etc. You decide the number of tokens the child must earn to receive the reward. It can be helpful to equate the number of tokens to a theoretical cash value of the reward. We suggest that each token has a value of 1 cent, making 100 tokens worth 1 dollar. For example, if you create a reward called "Ice Cream", assign a value of 300 tokens since an ice cream cone at a store costs around 3 dollars.

Congratulations! That's all it takes to set-up and start using TokenEconomy.

How it Works: You Reward

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